Why does polydactyly occur in cats?

Polydactylism occurs in cats because of a spontaneous genetic mutation.

3 months ago

What is a Colourpoint cat?

A Colourpoint cat has a pale ground colour and darker extremities at the face, feet, ears and tail. The classic…

3 months ago

Is the domestic cat a species?

Yes, the domestic cat is a species. Although I think it is a slightly tricky question because the domestic cat…

5 months ago

Can big cats be polydactyl?

Can big cats be polydactyl? The answer is probably, yes. Although, having read a lot about the big cats and…

1 year ago

There Should Be DNA Mapping of Pedigree Cats to Eradicate Genetic Diseases

A long time ago, perhaps about seven years ago, I wrote an article about genetic diseases in purebred cats. It…

4 years ago

White spotting gene charts

Here is a series of very useful charts showing various aspects of the effect of the presence of the white…

5 years ago

Adenocarcinomas of the small intestine and Siamese cats

The Siamese cat is predisposed to getting adenocarcinomas of the small intestine. This is a certain type of cancer and…

6 years ago

Domestic Cat World Groupings And Some Breed Origins

If you click on this you'll be taken to a map that shows information about how the domestic cat -…

6 years ago