Social worker for disabled children adopts kitty with additional needs


There is a beautiful match up here between rescue cat and adopter. The story comes from the Bridgend branch of Cats Protection in South Wales. Arlo’s hydrocephalus (water on the brain) is congenital (present at birth) we are told, which causes a slightly misshapen head. So he looks a bit different with his head …

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There is no such thing as “disability” for cats

Disability is seeing things as half empty. It is better to see things as half full as Honey Bee does instinctively. In fact she doesn’t even think about her disability at all. I believe that this is a lesson for many humans. Cats do teach us lessons if we are open to them.   …

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The Blind Cat Rescue & Shelter

I’m sure many PoC regulars will be familiar with The Animal Rescue Site, part of the Greater Good organisation, where we can click daily to help to feed rescue animals in the USA, I’ve been doing this for years now but only about 6 months ago I found out about the Shelter Challenge on …

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Carpenter finds solution for ill cat and ill person

A good carpenter can occasionally solve some cat and caretaker problems. Here are two positive cat stories of the spirit triumphing over disability aided by a bit of nice carpentry. Lyme disease is nasty. There is a story in the UK press today about a lady who was tragically bitten by a tick while …

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Cat With Missing Nose Gets Life-changing Operation

By Elisa Black-Taylor Nafas was only a year old when he was found last October, curled up under a car on a busy street in Tehran. A good Samaritan rescued the filthy cat, who had an infected mass and was very emaciated. X-rays showed the cat had been living on pebbles and sticks to …

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Audio: Listen to me explain the medical reasons for Grumpy Cat’s face

Please click on the audio player immediately below (click the little triangle at the left of the bar below these words) and listen to my explanation for why Grumpy Cat – aka Tardar Sauce – has the facial expression that she has. This is an alternative file type if the player fails: If the …

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