Giving A Cat A Pill

We have had pages on PoC before about how to dose a cat with a pill, but this one is from the International Cat Care website and the video is very clear. I think PoC visitors from outside the UK will enjoy the very British accent of the lady demonstrating:

This is so very different from the vet in the second video on this page, who ties up a cat and makes a very long job it and even spits in the cat’s mouth.

That video still haunts me, I hate to see cats treated in such an undignified un-natural way and just hope no one has tried that method and strangled their cat or spat in their cat’s mouth, which is disgusting. The simple way it’s done in the UK video must be far better.

walter and jozef
By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Our own two cats are very different to dose, both have been to the vets recently due to some unknown virus, but thankfully are much better and eating well now. Walter is good and takes any medication he has to have, without any bother at all, down the pills go and then it’s forgotten until next time.

I think it’s handy to know that when the cat licks his nose you know for sure the pill has gone down. Jozef is a different story, he does take his pills but you’d think he was being tortured, then he looks at us as if we’ve poisoned him, we can only think it’s the feral in him. Getting such as Katalax (for hairballs which he is prone to) into him, is a nightmare, we both end up covered in the stuff.

It’s the same at the vets though, Walter is very compliant, easily lifted out of the cat basket, as if he’s saying ok let’s get it over with. Jozef sets himself solid and is to pull out on his cushion, he looks at the vet as if he/she is an axe murderer and hides his face under my arm.

I always feel so awful that we have so much power over our cats, I just wish they knew we were doing it for their own sake.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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