How to do hydrotherapy on a cat

Moses doing his hydrotherapy session at Avonvale Veterinary Centres' hydrotherapy unit

How to do hydrotherapy on a cat? Well, it is not easy. 🙀 Domestic cats don’t like water normally. They won’t like hydrotherapy normally either for that reason but it doesn’t mean that hydrotherapy is a no-no because it might work. Note: some domestic cats like water. We can’t generalise. There are a number …

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Is colloidal silver safe for cats?

Colloidal silver for pets?

If you ask Google to find answers to the question in the title it finds websites owned by commercial enterprises with an interest in selling colloidal silver. Not good, right? These sites recommend colloidal silver as a general cure-all treatment both internally and externally for cats. And dogs. The tone of the articles is …

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