Sometimes male cats can’t be neutered for this reason

Feliway diffuser may stop this

Sometimes male cats cannot be neutered. And it is entirely legitimate to leave them unsterilised and “whole”. This occurs when the cat cannot be put under a general anaesthetic. A veterinarian needs to put a male cat under a general anaesthetic to remove their testes. A cat with early-stage hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) or any …

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Lazy 5 Vets Needlessly Killed Client’s Cat Then Chopped His Head off and Billed Her

Kitkat was needlessly killed by animal hospital staff

This is one of those veterinary hospital rabies alerts which ends tragically and which should never have taken place in the first place. And it’s all the fault of the damned hospital if we believe the story teller. The page has been updated to reflect developments. (1) Important note at Tues 9th Jan 2018 …

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America’s largest pet food manufacturer is also largest owner of veterinary hospitals

Mars dominates the pet scene in America. They have just bought a chain of veterinary hospitals to make them the largest owner of animal hospitals/clinics in the USA. Mars now own Banfield and VCA veterinary clinics/hospitals. Mars also manufacturers a large range of pet foods brands: Cesar, Eukanuba, Iams, Natura, Pedgigree, Royal Canin, Sheba, …

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USA: Cat Illness, Trends and Statistics

This is a page that gives some clues as to cat health trends in the USA backed up by statistics. Banfield Pet Hospital is the world’s largest veterinary practice. It is an American business operating in America. The company has a poor policy on declawing, which I have to mention as they dealt with …

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Cat With Missing Nose Gets Life-changing Operation

By Elisa Black-Taylor Nafas was only a year old when he was found last October, curled up under a car on a busy street in Tehran. A good Samaritan rescued the filthy cat, who had an infected mass and was very emaciated. X-rays showed the cat had been living on pebbles and sticks to …

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All Creatures Animal Hospital Mislead Us

by Michael Stock photo – copyright Stockxpert All Creatures Animal Hospital mislead us because their advice on when cat declawing should or could take place is contradictory and subtly encourages the declawing of cats in using what I consider to be “weasel words” (misleading language designed to subtly trick us). I analysis their paragraph …

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