USA: Cat Illness, Trends and Statistics

This is a page that gives some clues as to cat health trends in the USA backed up by statistics. Banfield Pet Hospital is the world’s largest veterinary practice. It is an American business operating in America. The company has a poor policy on declawing, which I have to mention as they dealt with …

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Cat Owners: Share your Metacam Experiences!

As a cat owner, do you have any experience with respect to your cat being given Metacam for arthritis, or for some other requirement for pain relief (i.e. post operative)? It appears to be a controversial drug with some variation from country to country, and vet to vet, regarding safe dosage, with some dissent …

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Home Treatment For Cat Arthritis

This page is about cat osteoarthritis. This is degenerative joint disease – the wearing out of the cartilage that covers the surface of the joint resulting in bone to bone contact. The bone becomes rough which damages the joint. The process may begin during the first half of a cat’s life, becoming apparent later …

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