Bird flu kills five domestic cats in the United States of America


NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a worrying development. I’ve written about bird flu before and the fact that it is a zoonotic disease which means that it can be transmitted between animals and people. Covid-19 is also a zoonotic disease and we know how badly that affected the entire planet. And today, The Sun, …

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Cat Walks in Circles. Causes

Here are the major reasons for a cat walking in circles: Nasal cryptococcosis – a yeast-like fungus. Cryptococcosis is the most common systemic fungal infection affecting the domestic cat. Nasal cryptococcosis is one type and the most common. It is acquired when spores in the ground contaminated by bird droppings are inhaled. The infection …

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What is ataxia in cats?

Gordon a kitten has ataxia

Ataxia refers to a lack of coordination. It comes from the Greek language meaning “lack of order”. It is used in reference to all animals and people. A cat with ataxia will suffer from an inability to coordinate voluntarily muscle movements. Ataxia is a symptom of some central nervous system disorders or injuries. It …

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