What is a sarcoma in cats?

An Internet search for the above term produces a long list of articles on vaccine-associated feline sarcomas. That tells us…

8 months ago

Radical mastectomy for female cats cost $3,000 (plus teeth clean thrown in)

If it interests you, a radical mastectomy for cats cost around three grand. This would be in dollars or pounds…

8 months ago

Cannabis Oil Cured This Cat’s Cancer

Cannabis oil cured this cat's cancer. This non-high version of cannabis is gaining in popularity as a treatment for cats.

2 years ago

Can cats get cancer from second-hand smoke?

[gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="101747"] Yes, cats can get cancer from second-hand smoke. Although common sense dictates that this must be…

3 years ago

An example of how passive smoking can affect a pet

This is a real life story about a dog, which supports an argument that I put forward some years ago…

6 years ago

Your Veterinarian Can’t Fix The Problem

Have you been in the situation when your vet doesn't or can't get a grip on your cat's health problem…

6 years ago

Adenocarcinomas of the small intestine and Siamese cats

The Siamese cat is predisposed to getting adenocarcinomas of the small intestine. This is a certain type of cancer and…

7 years ago

White Cats: 1 in 300 chance of skin cancer through sunlight

White cats are far more likely to get skin cancer, in a sun-exposed site of their body, than other cats.…

7 years ago

Woman slow to take cat to vet commits a crime

A woman, Dilys Hadley, living on a very small monthly income, delayed taking her 16-year-old cat, Janet, to the vet…

7 years ago

Microchips unsafe for humans. Safe for cats?

I see a discrepancy between the attitude of people in respect of the use of microchips in people compared to…

7 years ago