cat parasites

It’s tick season: are ticks dangerous to cats?

I'm told that ticks are around all year but more prevalent during spring and autumn. It is therefore tick season.…

5 months ago

Have you ever heard of the Powassan virus affecting domestic cats?

The Powassan virus is a disease which is transmitted by infected ticks. It can be transmitted directly to a human…

1 year ago

How do kittens get worms?

Kittens acquire roundworms via their mother's milk and tapeworms by eating a cat flea.

3 years ago

How To Keep Cat Fleas Away

Making the home a place that is hostile to the cat flea, eggs, larvae, and pupae is how you keep…

7 years ago

Carpenter finds solution for ill cat and ill person

A good carpenter can occasionally solve some cat and caretaker problems. Here are two positive cat stories of the spirit…

7 years ago

Ticks on Cats and Humans

by Michael (Ponca City, OK) Engorged tick on a child's head - image Wikimedia Commons. In certain parts of the…

8 years ago

Removing Ticks From Pets

by Susie Bearder (Spain) Tick removing device Tick removing device When I first encountered ticks on our animals, ignorance on…

8 years ago

I Removed A Tick From My Cat Leaving The Head In

Tiger Lily - "Tiggly" I just removed a tick from Tiggly that was on her neck. It was nearly half…

8 years ago