Do Siamese cats have sensitive stomachs?

I believe that modern Siamese cats can have weakened immune systems which can shorten lifespans

Update April 2023: Pancreatitis A study reports that Siamese cats are at increased risk of pancreatitis. Cats with pancreatitis rarely display signs of abdominal pain. Cats are good at hiding pain as we know. But cats with pancreatitis vomit and they have “sensitive stomachs”. They might experience nausea. Knowing these things, it may be …

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Can antibiotics cause diarrhoea in cats?

Antibiotics can cause diarrhea in cats

You could ask the same question about humans, dogs or other animals. And certainly, antibiotics can cause diarrhoea in cats. Note the word ‘can’. You do not have to search far to come to that conclusion. AAD For instance, in the human world, they even have an acronym on the topic. It is AAD …

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Infographic guide on the characteristics of cat diarrhoea

Infographic on 'Characteristics of cat diarrhoea'

This is an infographic guide for cat sh*t shovelers 😎😒. Full-time indoor cats and some indoor/outdoor cats use litter trays. A great opportunity for their caregiver to inspect the stool (faeces) which is good because it helps keep a handle on cat health. They (the amateur experts) say that if a cat goes to …

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Sphynx cats producing nightmarish amounts of smelly slushy poop

Sphynx from Russia bred and photographed by Dana Danilova Sphynx Cattery Dani Danati

On my travels through the Internet today I have bumped into what appears to be a huge problem with Sphynx cats: smelly, loose stools in nightmarish quantities. There really are some horror stories on the Internet. One Sphynx owner says that she changes the entire litter tray every time her cat goes to the …

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Can pumpkin help cats with diarrhea?

Cat and pumpkin

Pumpkin contains soluble fibre which absorbs excess water and therefore it firms up a cat’s stool. Adding a teaspoon of pure canned pumpkin to your cat’s food might help with diarrhea. Some of my knowledgeable colleagues who I communicate with on the Internet might use pumpkin as a home treatment for feline diarrhea. It …

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Why does milk cause diarrhoea in cats?

Painting by Meta Plückebaum

It’s pretty well known across the cat world that cow’s milk causes diarrhoea in cats. Notwithstanding that there are thousands of photographs of domestic cats lapping up milk out of a saucer on the Internet. These are often old photographs from archives dating back many years. Cats do like milk because it contains a …

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