8 pet health emergency symptoms needing immediate vet attention (according to vets)

5 serious pet illnesses symptoms as per a vet clinic on TikTok

This is a charming, clever little video made by an American veterinary clinic called Alicia Pet Care Center. They describe themselves on TikTok as a ‘family owned, full-service vet hospital in Orange County, CA’. The video maker goes around the clinic asking each employee what they think is an illness symptom so serious that …

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Cat looks pregnant but isn’t?

Cat with FIP

Two overlapping things come to mind as to why a cat looks pregnant but isn’t: a disorder which causes the stomach to be distended and a medical condition called ascites. Abdominal distension A swollen or bloated abdomen can be caused by a range of conditions as follows: Overeating; Eating fermented foods; Constipation; Worm infestation, …

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