How do I know if my cat has cataracts?

Lion with cataract in his right eye

Cataracts are cloudy patches in the lens of the eye. They develop for various reasons such as ageing or injury and can sometimes be the result of an inherited genetic disorder which can cause a health problem which increases the risk of cataracts. Medical conditions such as diabetes can cause cataracts. Eye infections, conjunctivitis …

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Picture of the worst cat eye infection that you will see

Picture of worst cat eye infection that you will see

GRAPHIC IMAGE: This is the worst looking cat eye infection that you will see in my view. I was reluctant to publish it. However, it is so common to see stray cats with ghastly bacterial eye infections rendering the poor things blind. I think it is instructive to see how bad secondary eye infections …

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Surgery to correct feline entropion makes cat internet celebrity

By Alex Cooke We are in Chengdu, China for this interesting route to feline internet celebrity. And the cat was a stray. An unlikely combination. A street cat named Feifei suffered from feline entropion. This is when the eyelid turns inwards causing hairs to brush against the cornea resulting in irritation and squinting. The …

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Natural Remedies for Cat Eye Discharge

Is there a natural remedy for cat eye discharge? People want to know as they search for answers using Google. I think that you’ll find that any applicable natural remedy is concerned with ameliorating the condition but not remedying it wholly. What causes eye discharge? A clear discharge without pain or redness may be …

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Kitten With Button Eyes Captures The Hearts of Millions

Ferrari Collage

This is the story of a Florida cat named Ferrari who has captured the hearts of millions since his story went viral. The buttons shown sewed to little Ferrari’s eyes aren’t a form of torture or animal cruelty. Ferrari recently underwent surgery where real buttons for eyes were used to hold his third eyelid …

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