Is Gum Disease in Cats Partly Responsible for Feline Dementia?

Gum disease in cats

I just have to raise this question and it is just a question. The reason why I am asking the question is because (a) gum disease is common in domestic cats and (b) research indicates that, in humans, Alzheimer’s patients declined six times more quickly if their gums were in poor condition and diseased. …

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Cat Health Tip: Checking for Gum Disease

There are two important aspects to feline gum disease which come to my mind…(a) gum disease is fairly common, almost universal – one of the top 10 most common cat health problems (probably) and (b) it it easy to overlook it because cats don’t complain and it is quite tricky to get a good …

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Is It Impossible to Prevent Cat Periodontal Disease?

Introduction A cat cannot be healthy without oral health. Periodontal diseases are infections caused by bacteria in the biofilm (dental plaque) that forms on the oral surfaces. The disease affects the health of the specialised tissues that surround and support teeth. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums, a part of periodontal disease. Effective plaque …

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Rescue center left adopter with large veterinary bill

An animal rescue center in Southern Ontario, Canada, told Pam that the cat she wanted to adopt was 8 months old and in good health. The good health report was obviously important but particularly so for Pam because she is a student with little in the way of funds. It transpired that her cat, which …

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Dental Gel for Cats

Where’s my gel? Photo by yeimaya While 85% of all adult pets suffer from some sort of oral cavity issues, using dental gel for cats can prolong the life and health of gums and teeth. One of the most important things you can do to ensure that a cat reaches their fullest capacity is …

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