Cat microchipping to be compulsory in the UK with a fine if you don’t

Pet microchipping

It’s reported today that the UK government plans to introduce compulsory micro-chipping for cats from next year with a fine of £500 for non-compliance. This has been planned for a long time and debated a lot. It is said that, in the UK, 26% of companion animals are not microchipped and that 80% of …

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Microchipping can fail when trying to reunite human with companion animal

Microchip in a cat or dog

Make sure your cat’s microchip works Winnipeg Humane Society’s assistant manager, Anja Richter, said that a very small number of stray cats received at the shelter annually – about 12% in fact – are reunited with their owners. Even though cats are either microchipped or tattoo identified there are still barriers to reuniting pet …

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Lost Cat Returns at Christmas 7 Years Later Thanks to Microchip

Miko and Elena

This is another brilliant example of the benefits of micro-chipping cats. Is also a little tale which highlights the mentality of the domestic cat because sometimes even in the best homes domestic cats who are allowed outside go wandering and don’t come back. This puzzles people. It is often not because of the cat’s …

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Important Micro-chipping Information

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) I’m scared. Please help me get home. O’Malley’s Flyer Magic-a happy ending Good morning readers. You’re going on a roller coaster ride with me today. You will need a box of Kleenex. I feel this story is important because those of us who micro-chip our pets are being led down …

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