How to check a cat’s mouth for oral health

Vet opening a cat's mouth

How do you check your cat’s teeth, gums and mouth generally? It’s important to do it but very difficult to carry out. Even using the standard veterinary technique, which I refer to below, many cats are reluctant to have their mouths examined. They might need to be restrained or sedated by a veterinarian. I …

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What can cause mouth ulcers and seizures in cats?

I have been searching for a link between mouth ulcers and seizures in cats. I have a friend who’s 10-year-old cat has sadly just died having been diagnosed with diabetes. The cat had mouth ulcers and had a seizure. It seems to me that at aged ten illnesses caused by old age can be …

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Gingivitis and Stomatitis: Common Oral Diseases Occuring in Cats

Cats are susceptible to a variety of chronic diseases of the mouth. Two of the most common are gingivitis and stomatitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums and stomatitis is the inflammation of the oral mucus membranes, including the back of the mouth, which is a major cause of feline bad breath. The …

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