Can newborn kittens hear?

Newborn kittens are totally deaf or nearly deaf for a short while.

I believe that the answer to the question is more nuanced than you will see on many websites. At the time of writing this, October 1, 2023, the top ranked site according to Google states that for the first four days kittens are both blind and deaf. And the pet MD website states that …

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Kitten’s cry versus baby’s cry

Kitten Crying

A kitten’s cry to demand something or other, usually warmth, food and security is more attractive than the baby’s cry. Discuss! Both the kitten’s cry and the baby’s cry are sounds which get the maternal and paternal juices flowing normally. It doesn’t always apply. Not everybody has the usual maternal instincts. There is a …

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Two hormonal issues which help create a bond between mother cat and her young kittens

Newborn kittens

There are two hormonal issues which help to ensure that the bond between mother cat and her kittens is strong and that the kittens are trusting during their first few weeks after birth. Mother Firstly, the nursing mother receives a wave of the hormone oxytocin which is produced in the hypothalamus and is secreted …

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Picture of a calico foster kitten

This is a really nice picture of a calico foster kitten at Central Florida Fosters, Central Park, Florida. It was taken by Danielle with her right hand while she held the kitten with her left. She no doubt used a smartphone as they are so competent nowadays when it comes to photography. Straightforward and …

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Why do kittens suddenly die?

Newborn kitten in a person's hand

Kittens suddenly die for a multitude of reasons. As someone said, they are fragile creatures. Some kittens are “predetermined to fail the test of survival because of low birthweight and influences that affect growth and development in the uterus”. In short, some kittens simply are unviable in terms of survival which may account for …

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