WARNING: Cat guardians should beware of cosmetics containing butylparaben

Some cosmetics such a moisturisers and suncreams contain butylparaben. This chemical helps preserve cosmetics. It is described as an 'endocrine…

2 months ago

Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are inside domestic cats and they are poisonous

A word first about per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). We are told that they are everywhere and potentially harmful in…

2 months ago

California: Killing pests with poisons ends up poisoning everything else including pumas

A Californian, commercial pest controller, Wilmar Mejia, is more clear-headed about the dangers of using poisons to kill rats than…

3 months ago

Benzalkonium chloride is in many household products and it is poisonous to domestic cats

"Check your household products for ingredients and make a note if one or more contains benzalkonium chloride as it could…

7 months ago

7 cats at sanctuary fatally poisoned overnight because e-cigarette was left out by guest

Nowadays we are all accustomed to the e-cigarette vaping device. The cartridges for the device contain nicotine which is very…

8 months ago

The top 10 cat poisons in the USA and lilies are in the number 1 spot

Who would have thought that lilies are the top cat poison in the USA? This beautiful plant has been discussed…

8 months ago

Fireworks are poisonous to cats if ingested

It had never occurred to me but if a cat or dog ingests a used firework thats lying around after…

9 months ago

Himalayan salt lamp was addictive to cat and almost killed her

Ruby, a little Turkish Van-type cat, licked a Himalayan salt lamp because it tasted good and became seriously ill. She…

9 months ago

Skunk, raccoon and rodent deterrent can be dangerous to cats

Peppermint, an essential oil, is a deterrent to skunks, raccoons, some rodents and squirrels but it is toxic and dangerous…

10 months ago

How do air fresheners affect domestic cats in the home?

Something as innocuous as air fresheners may be harming our domestic cat companions. More research is needed.

10 months ago