Can newborn kittens hear?

Newborn kittens are totally deaf or nearly deaf for a short while.

I believe that the answer to the question is more nuanced than you will see on many websites. At the time of writing this, October 1, 2023, the top ranked site according to Google states that for the first four days kittens are both blind and deaf. And the pet MD website states that …

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Kitten feeding station, breast feeder containing milk formula in action plus formula info

Kittens suckle at an artificial feeder

I’ve never seen this device before probably because I don’t breed cats! Bringing cats into the world is a big decision and responsibility. The video is quite nice and interesting. Notice how the kittens’ ears move backwards and forwards in sync. with their sucking. I guess the muscles employed to suck the milk also …

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Molly & Maisey – more cat than meets the eye

Hi guys – Danielle from Ark on the Edge here. Well, well, well stupid me thinking there used to be a kitten season and after my last article about the 11 black and white brigade kittens that we had, were all successfully rehomed just after new year and are doing fantastically well. And I thought that …

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Superfecundation in Cats

Superfecundation in Cats by Tracey Hello fans of PoC. I would like to share with you some pictures of my CPL foster kittens (see below – sorry they aren’t very good). Right from when I fostered them at 2 days old (with their mom) I noticed there was a huge difference between the smallest …

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