Sunscreen for cats and dogs is not a gimmick – ingredients to avoid

White cat in sun in danger of sunburnt ear flaps

Sunscreen for cats and dogs is not a gimmick. It is a serious business and veterinarians recommend you use it in protecting your companion animal but there are dangers and it is advised to not use products for humans as they contain ingredients which can be harmful to companion animals. In a recent survey …

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Do cats get sunburned? Yes, and skin cancer sometimes.

Fluff was sunburned and had to have his ear flaps removed due to skin cancer

Yes, cats do get sunburned sometimes. We see this quite a lot on the Internet and it is particularly relevant at the moment in many parts of the world where it’s very hot. The interesting aspect of domestic cats getting sunburned is that it almost exclusively occurs on the ears because they are sparsely …

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