38 facts about the common cold in cats

Cat has a cold and owner provides reassurance

Here are 38 facts about the common cold in domestic cats. I like to present these sort of topics in succinct, bullet-point factual terms because I think it helps to understand the subject. The facts are presented chronologically as the disease develops. I hope that you find it useful. The source of the information …

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What antibiotics are used for upper respiratory infections in cats?

Haw (cat)

The question in the title incorrectly presupposes that the cat has a secondary bacterial infection. The question is jumping the gun because bacteria might not be the cause of the cat’s symptoms. Initially, upper respiratory infections (URIs) in cats are normally caused by two viral groups: herpesvirus and calicivirus. Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses. …

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120 cats killed at no-kill shelter because of calicivirus outbreak

Cara cat Weebles was adopted last Oct.

Community Animal Rescue and Adoption (C.A.R.A.) decided, we are told, to kill every single cat (120) at their facility because of an outbreak of calicivirus. One of the volunteers who used to work there but who was ‘let go’, Kelli Ware, felt compelled to speak out. She said that it was impossible to test …

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How badly things can go wrong when young kittens don’t receive timely care for an upper respiratory infection

This horror story details how badly things can go wrong when young kittens don’t receive timely care for an upper respiratory infection. It comes from Kellie Wester, a feral cat rescuer from the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Not only does Kellie practice TNR, she also rehomes many cats who are friendly and has a …

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How to build a nebulizer: helping a kitty with an upper respiratory condition to breathe

Watching a beloved cat agonizing from an upper respiratory condition; a kitty who is deeply congested and struggling to take a breath has to be one of the most frightening and frustrating moments for any feline guardian. The reason I am writing about this extremely upsetting issue is to share our experience finding ways …

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Alleviating the symptoms of cat upper respiratory infections

Why are there very few medicines to alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory infections (URIs) in cats? I can’t find any with which we are familiar. The advice is to wipe the eyes with most cotton balls as often as required, and keep your cat hydrated and warm. Is there much else we can …

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My cat has an upper respiratory infection and loss of appetite, please help

by Tracey (England) Hi, I have a 12yr old male cat who has just spent 2 nights at the vets on a drip. He has been home a couple of days but will not eat or drink anything so he is becoming weaker. I have him on antibiotics but am frightened of losing him…help? …

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