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Core vaccinations at animal shelters

Can cats be vaccinated for toxoplasmosis?

No, at the moment, cats cannot be vaccinated for toxoplasmosis. There is a fairly recent study published online on the Science Direct website which provides some insights into the possibilities of a vaccination against...

The balance of risk of cat vaccinations

Can cat vaccinations cause diarrhoea?

Yes, cat vaccinations can cause diarrhoea. Sometimes cats have an allergic reaction to a vaccine. These are called type I hypersensitivity responses or anaphylaxis. It is a well documented adverse response associated with vaccine...

Are cat vaccinations really necessary?

Are cat vaccinations really necessary?

The word necessary means ‘essential’. So are cat vaccinations really essential? You cannot say that cat vaccinations are essential. This is because they are not without risk but if you asked 100 cat owners...

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