Can a person who doesn’t like cats ever love one? How can they learn to love cats?

Learning to like cats when you are a confirmed dog lover

The answer to the first question in the title (plucked from social media) must be an unequivocal, yes. Over the years that I have been managing this website, I have bumped into many instances of “dog people” and people who frankly disliked cats, falling in love with a cat that they ultimately adopted perhaps …

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Is it normal to not like cats?

Circuitous degradation of the cat to human relationship

Of course, it is normal to dislike cats. It is normal for humans to hate cats sometimes. This is because it is normal for humans to do a lot of strange and/or extreme things. But disliking cats is not an extreme thing. It is just the way of things are because people have preferences. …

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Irrational fear of the cat contributed to associating them with the devil in the Middle Ages

Medieval cat painting from Europe

Three factors conspired to commence the long general persecution of the cat in the Middle Ages, one of which is the starting point: fear of the cat. Fear breeds hatred which feeds superstition. I am returning to the Medieval era again as I have a theory that many (not all) people of that time …

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If you believe that a black cat brings good luck this is why

Black cats bring good luck for some. I explain the origins of this belief

To be candid, the superstitions surrounding the black cat are numerous and they either say that they bring bad or good luck in about equal numbers. That’s the power of superstition. Completely irrational but understandable. It is only the human who can harbour these strange beliefs. However, if you believe that black cats bring …

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Why are cats perversely attracted to people who dislike them?

Domestic cats might make a beeline for cat-phobic people because they are more passive than those who want interact with the cat but are strangers

Some people think that domestic cats, rather perversely, are attracted to people who don’t like them. And if this is true at least to some extent, it deserves an explanation. And the reason is probably fairly straightforward namely that in a room of people where one or two dislike cats and into which a …

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Man asks AITA for telling girlfriend to give her cats to a shelter. Response: YTA.

Man asks AITA for demanding that his gf gives up her cats if she lives with him

Scenario: This is about the impossibility of an ailurophile living with an ailurophobe! Man gets good job and wants to buy a house. His brother will live with him. Both hate cats. His girlfriend loves cats and has 2. He tells her that she will have to give the cats to a shelter if …

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Ailurophobia (irrational but sometimes rational)


Contents The Conventional View The Unconventional View Overlap Note: the page has been updated and expanded. Please scroll down The Conventional View Ailurophobia is the chronic and irrational fear of cats. It is one of the phobias. This almost unpronounceable of words comes from the Greek aílouros meaning cat and phóbos meaning fear. People …

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Love Island snowflake lads terrified of tabby cat who wanders onto set

Love Island snowflake lads run from domestic cat

Love Island is a British reality show that I never watch. It is a show about body image with brains parked. The young men and women strut around like peacocks showing off their bodies. They find love and there is a winner. It is very popular with vacuous television fans. A tabby cat walks …

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