DYLAN The Fundraising Rescue Cat

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra This is what Dylan says about himself on his Facebook page which is called: ‘Dylan Celebrity Puss’ ‘I am a rescue cat from Ark on the Edge Animal Sanctuary, feline fundraiser and a totally chilled out individual. And am known to do visits to local care homes etc. I live …

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The Latest News For The Chester Fan Club

Chester has a few pages scattered around here on PoC but I thought it would be nice to have a new page with some of the old photos of him and also new ones as Marion takes them of his progress (videos). Just look at the difference in him already, from that tiny oil …

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USA: Animal Shelter Opt-out Clause To Euthanise

In general, across the United States, animal shelters have an obligation to hold, for a certain period of time, animals that are brought to them before considering euthanising the animal. This obligation comes from the law and it varies slightly from state to state. During this holding period the shelter must try and find the …

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PoC Comment Charity Scheme – July Donation

On 3rd July 2013, there were 13,612 comments on PoC1. On 1st August 2013 there are 15,209. That is just under one month’s worth of comments for July 2013 but I will count that as: 1597 comments for July At 5 cents per comment that makes $79.85 or rounded up to $80 I think …

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By Ruth (Monty’s Mom) This is the story of a gray tabby cat named Suki, who lives at The Cat Network in West Allis, Wisconsin. Suki does not have a sweet personality. Suki’s temperament may cause her to be a permanent resident of The Cat Network. She has an area designated as “Suki’s House” …

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Red’s Memorial – Making the Charitable Donations

Donating $1000 to cat and animal charities. If you are new to this story please read this page first as it contains links to earlier posts. In summary Marc, a PoC regular, has made a very generous donation to world cat and animal charities in honour of a cat he loved: Red.

Each of the five charities received $200 or currency equivalent as at exchange rates today, 5th July. $200 = £133 today. They change all the time.

This page simply sets out evidence of payment through screenshots. There are four collage or combination images on this page that evidence payment to four of the five charities. I show (1) the payment message before actually making the payment and (2) the confirmation of payment afterwards.

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Red’s Memorial: Decision on Donations

This a follow up page to Remembering Red and the page on how to place charitable donations (both links open a new tab so you stay on this page). This is my selection subject to any further ideas. I have read all the comments which discussed where the money should go. Thank you very …

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