What is the reasoning, psychological or otherwise, that makes McVities think kittens can sell chocolate biscuits?

Kittens in advert

https://youtu.be/j2Zkcg5kAQI Sandy has the right answer when she says: It seems as if advertisers have caught on that if they have kittens or cats in their ad, they’ll get the viewers attention, so it doesn’t matter whether the product is chocolate, cars, clothes, toys, or electronics, etc. they’ll use whatever works, and cats are …

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Disgraceful Lottery Advert Claims That There Is a Better Chance Of Winning a Lottery Game Than Finding a Lost Cat

Los cat - no chance of finding him/her

Cat lovers, indeed anyone who respects animals, are up in arms about a YouTube advert put out by the National Lottery in which they show a woman fixing a poster of her lost cat on a lamppost followed by the caption “No Chance”. Then the advert claims that there is a one in four …

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Purebred Cats and Purely Stylish Shoes

A heady mix for the ladies (some ladies – I shouldn’t generalise) of cats and shoes. These are Vogue photographs and although it is not stated by Vogue, as far as I know, the cats are purebreds in my opinion and I have, for the fun of it, identified the breeds. I can’t identify …

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Marketing jewellery with the help of cats

I think I like this, although I expect some cat lovers won’t. The photograph is, of course, copyright protected so I admit to being naughty in publishing it here but…it is interesting (complaint?: please comment). The is one of a series of photos in the Sunday Times Style magazine of last weekend. They don’t …

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