Reason why a cat might follow their caregiver down the sidewalk

Cat follows owner down sidewalk

The reason why cats sometimes, perhaps rarely, like to ‘take walks’ with their owners is not the same reason why dogs often take walks with their owners. The difference in reason goes to the very heart of the feline and canine character. This is not to say that cats cannot be trained to walk …

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Domestic cats haven’t yet worked out many aspects of human activity

Cats have not yet sussed out human manipulations of human objects

This is an interesting illustration from Dr John Bradshaw’s book Cat Sense (which you can download to Kindle by the way which allows you to search for keywords) on the topic of how well or not so well domestic cats understand what is going on around them in the human world. As cat owners, …

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Total Cat Mojo review

Total Cat Mojo

This is my review of Jackson Galaxy’s book Total Cat Mojo. I admire the man. He has a very profound understanding of cat behavior through years of problem solving for clients. He has even developed his own idiosyncratic language to describe and explain it. That’s the first problem, I think. His language is interesting …

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We’ve heard of alpha male cats. Does anyone have an alpha female cat?

We’ve all heard of alpha male cats. The male cat living either inside or outside who is a bit of a bully and appears to be in charge of the other cats. Does anyone have an alpha female? I used to be clueless and think the term alpha applied only to unneutered male cats. …

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Cat behaviorist plays music and brings toys and catnip to cat appointments

Carole Wilbourn

Cat behaviorist, Carole Wilbourn, plays a special type of music and brings cat toys to her appointments with cats that she treats. She also enters the home in a very calm manner using her Reiki training. She also brings a special catnip which has been selected for the cat concerned. Before the meeting Carole contacts …

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Can cats really be helped in an unfriendly Internet? Always smile from the wrists down.

When frustrated cat owners want to know how to deal with their cat’s “bad behavior”, or try to learn more about their kitty’s health; to get their questions answered many people frequently turn to the Internet to take advantage of the information available on the superabundance of websites, blogs and interactive message boards created …

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Cat Behaviorists Should Be Scientifically Qualified | Blog About Cats

Cat Behaviorists Should Be Scientifically Qualified | Blog About Cats. If you click on the link above and if the subject interests you at all, you might like to read my brief reasons why cat behaviorists should be scientifically qualified. Cat behaviorists are cat experts but a definition of “cat expert” would be much …

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