Telepathy allows pet owners to understand what their companion animal thinks

The need to touch and be in contact with their human caregiver is a sign that your cat loves you

Companion animal owners want to know what their pet thinks. They can find out through telepathy according to Nikki Vasconez but is this genuine? There appears to be an instinctive (primal) desire by many companion animal caregivers to communicate more profoundly. It can be done according to a former lawyer, Nikki Vasconez, who provides …

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Total Cat Mojo review

Total Cat Mojo

This is my review of Jackson Galaxy’s book Total Cat Mojo. I admire the man. He has a very profound understanding of cat behavior through years of problem solving for clients. He has even developed his own idiosyncratic language to describe and explain it. That’s the first problem, I think. His language is interesting …

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