Animal symbolism: domestic cat

Domestic cat symbolism

Our perception of the domestic cat and our lack of knowledge of the species (more so in the past than today) directs us to assign symbolic meanings to the cat. The primary symbol of the domestic cat is one of protection. For all symbolism the true meaning is personal. Symbolic cat meanings Mysterious Independent …

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Good or bad idea: Beat up on a black cat pinata for Halloween entertainment

Is this a good or bad idea? I thought I’d seen arguments about everything imaginable on Facebook when I came across cat skeleton pinatas for Halloween. On one side of the idea were people who think nothing is wrong with having a cat skeleton pinata or a black cat pinata at a Halloween party. …

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Animal Symbolism: The Jaguar

The jaguar, and perhaps more importantly the black jaguar (black panther), was seen as other-worldly and envied (I guess) by early civilizations who lived amongst this impressive wild cat in Mexico and Central, South America. It has the attributes that humans don’t possess but desire. It was worshipped. The jaguar symbolizes power, aggressiveness, courage, …

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