Cats as “starter children”. The biggest worry is consistency of pet poop!

Humanising cats conducted a survey with 2000 pet owning participants (April 2021). I believe they were Americans but we are not told. The findings are interesting if not – in the case of one statistic – a bit shocking. Here they are: What I take from this survey? Cats and dogs are often child substitutes …

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Can someone explain to me why my cat just sits and stares at me for a long time?

The full question from is: “Can someone explain to me why my cat will just sit and stare at me for minutes at a time? What does this mean in a cat’s world?” It accompanied the photograph below that they took from their bed. This is an extended version of the response that …

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Human-companion animal partnerships substituting conventional relationships

Woman and kitten

There is an overlap between parents caring for their baby/infant and humans caring for their cats and dogs. The infographic below summarises some of these overlapping aspects of the relationship. There is a trend, too, in developed countries to adopt a pet over having a baby! Pope Francis, the current Pope, doesn’t like it …

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Creeping humanisation of domestic pets happened years ago

Cat food ad

In today’s column (which I am yet to read), Giles Coren has mentioned that Saturday’s The Times newspaper reported on a creeping humanisation of the domestic cat. This has been driven by 3.2 million households in the UK acquiring a new companion animal during the Covid lockdowns, which in turn has led to a …

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Is it a bad thing to anthropomorphise your domestic cat?

Why do we anthropomorphise our pets?

I have consistently said that cat guardians should respect their cat companion as a feline but treat them as a member of the human family. I think that is the right combination but it does lend itself towards anthropomorphising your cat. However, I don’t think this is a bad thing necessarily. The experts say …

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