4 Australian cat owner attitudes to domestic cat containment or freedom to roam

A catio improves a cat's personality

My understanding of this study (see base of page) is that there are four reasons why Australian cat owners keep their cats inside their home. And there are five different ways of owning a cat in terms of containing them inside the home or allowing them outside. Australians have the highest domestic cat containment …

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Australia has 1.92 million feral cats, a tiny fraction of the number in the USA


A new study concluded that there are 1.92 million feral cats in Australia or 1 per 4 square kilometres. Some Australian experts and doom-mongers had estimated 20 million. They were wrong. The researchers analysed 100 studies to come to their conclusion. There are two interesting observations. There are an estimated 50 million feral cats …

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An alternative way of dealing with the Australian feral cat problem

Tasmanian devil

There must be an alternative way to deal with the feral cat problem other than simply slaughtering them by their millions in an attempt to eradicate them. The Australian government thinks they can eradicate them or reduce their numbers to a level where they are no longer a threat to native species. As you …

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Australia: introduction of Mynah birds by the authorities damages bird populations and more

Feral Mynah bird Australia

This is a comment from Pippa Mealings who lives in Australia. It is a very fair-minded and sensible comment based on fact not supposition which all of the misguided estimates by the authorities are when they describe how domestic and feral cats decimate native wildlife in Australia. “In mentioning Australia, the following fact should be …

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