The role of cats as emotional support for their owners (and more)

There are some studies about the role of cats as emotional support for their owners. Two of the studies concerned 47 women and 45 men who lived alone with one or two cats, while the third study also included people who lived without cats. The studies took place in Europe and the cats were …

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Cambodia: Street Woman With Her Cat

By Rudolph.A.Furtado (posted 23rd Dec. 2013) “During my tour of Phnom Penh, I came across this lady on the street with a kitten tied to her body and a package of clothes. Was she a homeless lady with a pet? It was amazing to see this lady with her pet cat and a load …

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Are cats more beneficial to our health than dogs?

By Jo Singer Those of us who live with felines are already keenly aware of the health benefits we get from sharing our homes and hearts with companion cats. Backing up this statement is the fascinating results of the second scientific study made at the University of Minnesota Stroke Research center published in the …

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