Most Americans take care of their pets better than themselves

Survey about cat and dog ownership reveals some interesting information

A OnePoll survey which was published in the summer of 2021 found that almost 70% of Americans take better care of their companion animals than they do of themselves, which I find slightly odd I’ve got to say. I’m not sure that it is actually accurate because these polls are carried out by questionnaires …

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Cat caregivers should try a vegan diet for just TWO MONTHS for real health benefits

Two months on a vegan diet and the cat caregiver will see a major health improvement

The health and well-being of our cat companions depends upon the health and welfare of us, their caregivers. If we aren’t healthy and reasonably active, we might struggle to discharge our responsibilities towards our cat companions to keep them healthy and content. That’s why I write about human health. This is another article in …

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Assisted dying of people is good for pets

Assisted dying is good for pet cats

First the definition of assisted dying. Let’s be clear it applies to humans even though we do the same thing to pets all the time when it is called being ‘put to sleep’ or ‘euthanasia’. Definition of assisted dying: “The practice whereby a person with a terminal illness or incurable condition is helped to take their own life, …

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Improving the health of cat caregivers through prescriptions for fruit and veg!

Prescriptions for fruit and veg is a proactive way to improve health

This is written in good faith with the desire to help. I am not judging or criticising anyone. We are all human. I battle daily to maintain a healthy BMI (currently 20.8). This is another of my articles focusing on cat caregivers rather than directly on the cat. It is looking at cat caregiving …

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How to avoid dementia and continue to be a cat caregiver when you are elderly

Dementia and cat caregiving

This is another article about cat caregiver health. It is looking at the world of cats from the opposite direction by which I mean from the cat’s perspective. They want their caregiver to be healthy and well; to be sharp and on top of things. And this is how you do it. RELATED ARTICLE: …

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Happy cat campaign tip 1 – the discarded cardboard box

Gabs in his box

I am running two campaigns at the moment and they overlap. One is to promote domestic cat happiness. Sounds childish almost but it’s not. It’s about remembering our responsibilities towards our cat companions. After providing security, warmth and sustenance it is down to cat caregivers to make their cat happy! Of course, the owner …

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How to create a lifelong bond with your cat

Make your cat happy for a close bond

There are two ways, as I see it, of creating a lifelong bond with your cat. They refer to a couple of different scenarios. This is not some sort of mysterious, magical system. It is applied common sense. Make your cat happy I have written about making your cat happy before (link to article). …

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