Give up dream to rescue cats or give up your partner?

Partnership under stress over one being allergic to cats and the other wanting to rescue cats

The title is simplified but this is another story about friendships or partnerships becoming stressed over the domestic cat. In a previous post I mentioned the stresses that can happen between long established friends if one allows their cat outside unsupervised and the other doesn’t believe in that type of cat caregiving. In this …

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Canadian vaccine against the cat allergen being trialled in the UK

Trials are taking place in the UK for a vaccine against the cat allergen

A Frenco-Canadian pharmaceutical company called Angany, based in Québec city, Canada, has been cleared to conduct human trials on a cat allergy vaccine in the UK. The vaccine is called ANG-101. They say that it is a “First in human, open-label and single site evaluation of the safety, allergenicity and immunogenicity of the new …

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The kind of relationship you want to see between child and animal

Young girl enjoys the company of the family cat

The behaviour of the young girl in the video interacting with the family cat should be the parenting objective of all mothers and fathers as it will promote animal welfare going forward and improve the lives of both the cat and the child in the video. Of course, the parenting includes educating the child …

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Increase in human allergies inc. asthma – reason? – children allergic to cats – spread of cat/dog allergen – environment – lifestyle

Allergens and allergies

A Guardian article online interests me because an allergy to cats affects around 10% of people (is this an underestimate?). The conclusion of the Guardian article is that more and more of us are suffering from allergies. Medicines are struggling to keep up. Theresa MacPhail completed a monumental task of looking at the development …

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Cat snuggles up to baby: beautiful and mutually beneficial (supported by science)

Cat snuggles with baby. Beautiful and beneficial

There is a TikTok video on the Internet of a beautiful cat snuggling up to his baby companion. The cat clearly loves this baby. He loves the smell and the contact. The cat is Teddy and the baby is William. It is the kind of video which attracts a lot of attention and this …

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Can you desensitize your immune system to the domestic cat allergen?


Another way of asking this question is: can a person who is allergic to domestic cats reduce his or her sensitivity through exposure to them? The answer would seem to be that for many people it is possible to desensitize themselves to the allergen in domestic cat saliva which causes the allergic reaction, the …

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