The reason why it is difficult for an app to identify a cat breed correctly

App to identify cat breeds

You’ll probably find more than one app online which you can download to your smart phone (cell phone) which claims to identify cat breeds from a photograph. The picture shows a screenshot from one which is available on Google Play and it’s called Cat Scanner: Breed Recognition. It has a 4.2-star review with 1 …

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Feral cats will have less fur, longer legs and tails and larger ears due to climate change

Australian feral cat described as 'enormous'

It is an interesting if slightly bizarre thought. The theory is that over a period of say 500 years (my estimate) feral and stray cats will shape-shift to have greater surface to volume ratios which will allow for the dissipation of body heat in animals which maintain a constant temperature (homeothermic). Climate change will …

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Purrmanently sad kitten gives late Grumpy Cat a run for her money

Sad kitten

We have to be careful not to project our thoughts onto kittens and cats. Also we should recognise the effect a cat’s facial anatomy can have on their expression. They may look sad but it does not mean that they are sad. It begs the big question as to whether domestic cats can show …

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A beautiful cat is a special joy!


All of my cats have been pretty.  One even appeared on a greeting card that sold for over 10 years.  She was a peaches and cream color, but it was her talkative personality that always got comments. Now, I have for the first time, a long haired gray-silver tabby, who is beautiful.  That’s what …

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