Woman and her two cats explore America in their mobile home

This mobile home looks comfy for two cats who travel America with their owner

This is an alternative way to live. It will appeal to many. You could say that it is the ultimate form of environmental enrichment for a domestic cat provided they are kept safe which appears to be the case. I love it and a lot of other people do as well because Quin Gable …

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Fundamental reason why domestic cats don’t walk with their owners like dogs

cat on leash. These are set up images.

Although, sometimes, domestic cats do walk behind their owners for a relatively short distance (a behaviour characteristic that I explain below), in general, it is fundamentally alien to domestic cats to walk with their owner on a lead like a dog on those nice country walks in the park. If you could talk to …

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Cats: Leash Laws, Licenses, Regulated Feeding Outside, Government Funded TNR

To regulate, through laws, cat ownership or not. That is the question. View Larger Map This is a radical change in policy on how cat owners should keep cats. Whereas in most places there is little or no regulation in the form of local laws as to how people should keep their cats and …

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When is putting a cat on a leash acceptable?

Is the answer, never? I know a lot of people don’t like cats on a leash like a dog. I can understand that. Some of my esteemed colleagues on PoC don’t like them. Perhaps all of you don’t like them. I have to gently disagree on this occasion (rare). Please give this video time …

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Leashing, Feeding, Killing and Declawing Cats

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) Good morning, readers. If you pour yourself a cup of coffee before settling down with this article, promise me you won’t burn anyone with it. Because by the time I’m finished, you’ll be ready to lash out at someone. I’m rambling again. I don’t do that often. There are several …

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