cat meat

Another gruesome report about Vietnam’s cat meat trade

NEWS AND VIEWS - OPINION - PLEASE LET ME HEAR YOURS TOO: Four Paws, an animal welfare organisation has investigated…

1 month ago

10 countries where they eat cat and dog meat (2020)

OPINION PLEASE NOTE - DISAGREE? TELL ME PLEASE: It may surprise people to know that there are 10 countries where…

1 month ago

Dogs and Cats Are Friends, Not Food

The words in the title are those of a campaign organised and managed by youngsters in Ho Chi Minh City,…

4 months ago

Second city in China bans eating of cats and dogs because of coronavirus pandemic

Zhuhai a city in China bans cat and dog meat following Shenzhen thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

5 months ago

China re-classifies dogs as pets but what about cats?

China has caved in to international pressure and the consequences of Covid-19 and classified dogs as pets but what about…

6 months ago

City of Shenzhen, China prepares to ban cat and dog meat

NEWS AND OPINION - SHENZHEN, CHINA: The city administrators of the metropolis called Shenzhen in southeastern China, with a population…

7 months ago

Pretty woman chomps down on whole, cooked domestic cat?

This is a young Asian woman who seems to be in a restaurant while the person opposite her videos her…

9 months ago

British government won’t ban the eating of cat and dog meat

It's extraordinary to me, but I've just discovered that this UK government has decided not to ban the eating of…

1 year ago

Man eats cat to make himself invincible from harm by genies in black magic ritual

This is another strange story. It comes from Jakarta (I believe). An Indonesian man, Abah Grandong, allegedly ate a cat…

1 year ago

People eating cats to blame for rats terrorising African township

It's been reported in an African newspaper that rats are terrorising Mathendele Township. This is in Swaziland which is a…

2 years ago