celebrities and cats

Hailey Bieber scratched on belly by Savannah cat

NEWS/VIEWS - PRESTIGIOUS BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: It's not earth shattering news but it is news which is a break from…

1 week ago

Jennifer Garner, actress and entrepreneur pushes her cat in a stroller

The InStyle website says that Jennifer Anne Garner is one of our world's few pure joys. She appears to do…

2 weeks ago

Why did the tiger attack Roy?

The Roy being referred to in the title is one half of the duo Siegfried & Roy who were massively…

3 weeks ago

Steve Cash creator of successful YouTube channel Talking Kitty Cat takes own life

Steve Cash made clever and entertaining talking cat videos. He had 2.46 million subscribers and his videos regularly achieved over…

1 month ago

How many cats does Katy Perry have?

Katy Perry might have one or no cats currently as her beloved Kitty Purry passed away about 22 hours ago.…

1 month ago

Pictures of Michael Jackson with cats

I have decided that Michael Jackson liked cats and was fond of animals generally.

2 months ago

Pictures of cats as accessories 1896-2014

Two illustrations of cats as accessories 1896-2014. Cats represent women and women sometimes see cats as babies (as do men).

2 months ago

Joe Exotic was terrified of big cats and wickedly cruel says film producer

The producer of the Netflix "Tiger King" documentary has made sensational accusations about Joe Exotic saying he was terrified of…

2 months ago

Julian Assange’s embassy cat ended up with his fiancée

The kitten given to Julian Assange when he was at the embassy of Ecuador was given to his fiancee Stella…

2 months ago

Larry the Cat at 10 Downing Street ignores official veterinarian advice to stay indoors

Staff at Downing Street are ignoring the advice of the president of the British Veterinary Association by letting Larry the…

2 months ago