You love cats and Christmas so why not buy one of these cat bed presents

With good value prices at around £20 and the same in US dollars in America these Christmas themed cat beds…

11 months ago

Baby Jesus And The Manger Cat

This would be a great manger cat Furby has his version of the M mark (photo added by Michael) There…

2 years ago

Cats get less presents than dogs over Christmas. It’s unfair.

It's unfair. Three-quarters of dog owners bought presents for their dog compared to 68% of cat owners according to a…

4 years ago

Happy Christmas from Caroline

By Caroline Here is my favorite holiday card for everyone at PoC, featuring! not one, but TWO ginger tabbies. Happy,…

7 years ago

A Special Catmas Gift to all: Written by Dr. Hush Puppy and Sir Hubble Pinkerton

By Jo Singer T'was the night before Katmas and all through our house Not a critter was stirring except for…

7 years ago

From Marc and cats: my Christmas card to everyone

Here’s my Christmas card to everyone from me and my cats:

7 years ago

Christmas Comes Early For Walter and Jozef

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra Walter and Jozef love Christmas and even at twelve years old they get excited and run…

7 years ago

Monty, Cold Weather and Christmas

By Ruth (Monty's Mom) For the first time in his young life, Monty helped put up a real Christmas tree.…

7 years ago

Cat Climbs Christmas Tree

A woman gleefully videos her tabby cat having fun climbing up a fully decorated 9 foot tall Christmas tree. Guess…

7 years ago