Discussing methods and drugs in tranquilizing a lion or other big cat with a dart

Kimba and escaped lion tranquilised

I was prompted to write about this topic after reading a new story, today, about a lion, Kimba, which escaped from a circus near Ladispoli, north-west of Rome, Italy. The lion prowled the small town’s streets resulting in a curfew for the residents. The police were called and they contacted an expert, Bisegna, on …

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Warning – nasty: circus trainer mauled by lioness but survives

Lioness, Vega, attacks trainer, Maxi Orlov, in circus in Russia

A lioness, Vega, savagely mauls a trainer inside a small circus enclosure. The trainer, Maxim Orlov, struggles to get rid of the attacking lioness. He must have been hurt on his legs although he gets up each time. Fortunately, he was not bitten around his head. The second lioness joins in. It looks really …

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Chained Circus Cougar Rescued After 20 Years And Spends Dying Months Free in Natural Habitat

This is a happy ending cat story although the happiness cannot wash away the unhappiness of being chained up in the back of a truck and used as a circus big cat for a staggering twenty years. Peru banned circus wild animals. The law had to be enforced vigorously because most circuses defied the …

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Moscow Cat Theatre

Lets remind ourselves what the Moscow Cat Theatre does. Here is a photo and two videos: Here is one on YouTube: OK it’s a kind of cat circus. Now the thing about this unique organisation is what about the cats? And we don’t want to get politically correct or subjective when assessing this theatre. …

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