Domestic Cats Only Seem Aloof and Asocial If You Are Not Paying Attention and Being Unobservant

Many people still misunderstand the domestic cat. Many people are distanced from cat behaviour. They do not look after a cat and have not had the opportunity to observe a domestic cat by living with him for a long time. Even cat owners sometimes fail to understand their cat properly through being unobservant and …

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Why does our blood pressure rise when talking to a person but fall when talking to our cat?

Talking to your cat lowers blood pressure

We know that studies tell us that talking to our cat is more relaxing than speaking with another person.  Our blood pressure and heart rate normally increases during conversations with other people while both heart rate and pressure decrease when we speak to our cat.  Why is this?  There is quite a stark difference. …

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Communicating Telepathically With Animals May Help Deepen Our Bonds

Finding creative ways to communicate directly with our cats is essential. It is the most important way in which we can deepen the bonds between us. So the other day when read an article written by Dr. Linda Bender, DVM, I was fascinated by the way she is thinking outside the traditional box to …

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Talk to your cat: Interspecies conversations can be quite revealing

Cat talk and love

Do you get into serious conversations with your cats? If so, do you ever suspect that they actually do understand what you are saying to them? I realize that some of our readers may think that these two questions I posed are completely preposterous. Nonetheless I was prompted to ask my fellow cat lovers …

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Devising Ways To Talk to Your Cat

Tests are being devised which will allow a person to put questions to animals including, of course, companion animals, about their welfare and happiness. It appears to be a bit of fiction that just might become fact. I am referring to Dr Doolittle who talked to the animals. A leading animal welfare researcher, Professor …

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