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Dog owner is employed by Sheriff’s Department investigating the case? Guess how things went.

UPDATE 11 p.m. Chatham County Sheriff's Office has responded: The Chatham County Police Department investigated the case along with Chatham…

6 months ago

Dogs help prevent schizophrenia but cats don’t

The title might upset cat lovers but they should not be because it is the findings of a study. Studies…

6 months ago

Dogs want you to be an alpha human. Cats don’t.

I am getting to learn about dogs. There are many differences between cat and dog guardianship. One of the biggest…

9 months ago

Will Boris Johnson’s and his partner Carrie Symond’s adopted rescue puppy get on with Larry the cat?

Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symond's have adopted a rescue puppy abandoned by a Welsh farmer. The 15-week-old Jack…

10 months ago

The choice between adopting a cat or dog is in your DNA as much as it is influenced by experience

The choice between adopting a cat or dog is in your DNA as much as it is influenced by experience.

1 year ago

Cats have had a bad rap concerning wildlife. Now it’s time to criticise dogs.

Domestic and feral cats have had a bad rap for years because of an ongoing campaign against them on account…

1 year ago

Can dogs eat cat food?

No! The answer is in the evolution of cats and dogs and the divergence of their "evolutionary paths" some 30…

2 years ago

Lawless attitude to pet ownership in China highlighted by brutal squabbles over dogs

It's the year of the dog in China. That does not mean the dog or pets generally are about to…

2 years ago

Larger dog tells smaller dog to leave family cat alone (video)

The title to this post explains it. The family companion animal dynamics and hierarchy are quite interesting. You know what…

2 years ago

Do feral cats attack dogs?

Do feral cats attack dogs? You can extend that to 'do cats attack dogs?'. Maybe rarely a feral cat might…

2 years ago