British cat owners do not feel responsible for their cats killing wildlife

Cat looking at bird outside

British cat owners have a variety of responses to their cat’s hunting behaviour. Some are very concerned about the impact that their cat makes on wildlife through hunting. Others are less concerned. However, both groups prioritise the welfare of their cat over the negative environmental impact that might occur through hunting. This means that …

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Feral Cat Control: TVHR Better than TNR

TVHR is more effective than TNR, a study concludes. This is an interesting study that looks at a modified version of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to make it more effective. The good thing is that the study takes TNR seriously as a way to manage feral cat colonies. The study indirectly validates the concept of TNR, …

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Why Suddenly Blame Cats After Thousands of Years?

A lot has been written by cat haters of the biased press, about the decline of songbirds and small wildlife, they love to blame it on cats. A lot has been written too by cat lovers defending them. This time I want to look at it from another angle and ask those who blame …

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Australia: A pet cat is an environmental hazard. Discuss

The author of the website: Burke’s Backyard, an Australian living in Australia, says that a pet cat is an environmental hazard. What he does not do is write about people. He should because people are far more of an environmental hazard than cats. If Mr Burke is concerned about the environment, which he obviously …

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