The six greatest existential threats facing mankind and how they affect cats

The six greatest existential threats facing humans (and animals) are as follows: Overpopulation and the destruction of the environment that comes from it Nuclear war Misinformation Drug-resistant diseases Artificial intelligence Facebook The above six existential threats were elected by 50 … please continue reading

Facebook Spamming and Tagging Policies Continue to Hurt Animal Advocates

While the suspension of Facebook privileges has been in effect as far back as July 6, 2011, when Mark Zuckerburg held a news conference at Facebook headquarters announcing how spam filters were taking aim at animal advocates, this continues to be … please continue reading

Facebook single-handedly increases shelter adoptions thereby saving the lives of cats

I am going to make the bold statement that Facebook and other online social media websites are making a substantial impact on the number of cats adopted from rescue centers and shelters throughout the United States. I wonder if things … please continue reading