17 cats killed by a fire. Could they have been saved?

Cat hotel where 17 cats perished by smoke inhalation from smoke from another area of a mall

Once again, there is a story about cats being killed in a fire and I always notice that under these circumstances people are rarely killed. The people get out, but the cats don’t. In this instance a cat hotel (boarding cattery) was situated in a mall in Los Angeles. A part of the mall …

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14 cats resuscitated with oxygen and three given CPR

NEWS AND COMMENT-SINGAPORE: This is an exceptional firefighter cat rescue story in that, in all, 14 domestic cats were found on the floor in a Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartment which was filled with dense smoke when 20 responders including firefighters entered. The occupiers of the apartment and the owners of the cats …

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Great picture of firefighters administering oxygen to two cats rescued from a fire in Liverpool

Firefighters give oxygen to two domestic cats rescued from a fire

So what is the background to this picture? We see quite a lot of firefighters administering oxygen to cats in America and they are all wonderful pictures and examples of excellent human behaviour, but I think this is the best I’ve seen. It’s actually from the UK, which is unusual because, as mentioned, most …

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Picture of quizzical firefighter and agitated black cat

Picture of quizzical firefigher and agitated black cat

This is another nice firefigther/rescue cat picture. He looks slightly quizzically at the camera as if he is not sure if he makes a decent photo and the black cat is bound to be agitated. That goes with the territory as these are very traumatic moments for cats. The firefighters are invariably calm going …

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Picture of two Aussie firefighters cradling two tabby cats

Two Aussie firefighters and two tabby cats

I am a fan of firefighter-cat pictures! And this is a very nice one. One of the best. The guys are happy to have rescued a couple of tabby cats from a smoke filled apartment in Perth’s Central Business District. Smoke was seen at the apartment on Milligan Street in morning at about half …

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Picture of firefighters giving oxygen to cat rescued from house fire is a classic

Classic picture of firefighters administering oxygen to cat rescued from house fire

This is another classic cat rescue photograph from the public services sector, this time from the firefighters of Longview, Washington, USA. Longview is on the banks of the Columbia River which is the border between the states of Oregon and Washington. This is why the story has been reported in The Oregonian online. The …

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