Heartwarming photo of a Russian firefighter holding one of the 300 cats rescued from a burning animal shelter

Russian emergency workers in St. Petersburg performed a heroic rescue on June 14 when they rescued hundreds of cats and…

1 month ago

‘GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten’ video will move you

GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten video will move you as it did me. Great promo video as the quality is excellent.

2 months ago

Sibling 3-week-old kittens rescued from bird’s nest up 15 foot tree

A mother took her two 3-week-old kittens to a bird's nest up a 15 foot tree for their safety and…

3 months ago

Customized mini oxygen masks for firefighters to save cats and dogs

In the UK, firefighters have begun using customized mini oxygen masks specifically designed for cats and dogs (and other animals).…

2 years ago

Chinese firefighters carry out complicated cat rescue successfully

This is great. I need to praise these guys. I usually criticise the custom in a part of China where…

3 years ago

Cat in Iowa recovering after being rescued from burning house by firefighters

This is your happy ending story of the week about a kitten saved by firefighters after being pulled from a…

3 years ago

Why Administering Oxygen through an Oxygen Mask Can Save the Life of a Cat Caught in a House Fire

We often see it; domestic cats dramatically rescued from a house fire and a firefighter administering oxygen through a mask…

3 years ago

The Best Firefighter and Cat Photo I have Seen

Sadly, firefighters and cat rescue photos are not uncommon. Purely from an aesthetic point of view and putting aside for…

4 years ago

Cat named “Kitty” gets attention from firefighter Andrew Jackson following a fire today in Austin, Texas

This is a cat named "Kitty" who is getting attention from firefighter Andrew Jackson following a fire today in Austin,…

4 years ago

Tailor-made cat and dog oxygen mask revives cat after house fire

This is neat. We see quite a lot of photos of rescued house cats being revived by firefighters with oxygen…

4 years ago