Infographic on domestic cat coat grooming care

Cat grooming and hygiene - human intervention

Here are some brief notes in the form of an infographic on human intervention in helping their cat to maintain a good and healthy coat. In terms of hygiene and keeping the coat in excellent condition, human intervention is only normally needed for semi-longhaired and longhaired cats (mainly the latter). Through selective breeding, the …

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Grooming needs of purebred cats

Some cats need grooming by their human guardians and some don’t. In fact, the grooming needs, in respect of human intervention, of the purebred cats of the cat fancy could be categorised into three groups; low grooming needs to medium and high grooming needs. High grooming needs: It is clear to most people that …

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Brushing a cat with a toothbrush reminds them of mother’s tongue

Cat being groomed with a toothbrush

Another trend has started up on the Chinese social media website TikTok. You know the website that President Trump wants to shut down or be taken over by an American company as he can’t trust them. TickTok is in the same bracket as Huawei. But it is an enormously popular site with the young …

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Two-year-old Ragdoll cat had never been brushed which destroyed her coat

Misty, a two-year-old Ragdoll cat, had never been brushed in her life – meaning vets at Blue Cross animal hospital in London spent more than an hour clipping her fur which weighed 200 grams. Ragdoll cats are purebred and a desirable cat (for most). Sadly this cat owner, about which we have no details, …

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Grooming Competitions: Cats Are Different To Dogs

America has just had its Intergroom International Grooming Conference in New Jersey, USA. A Photographer, Paul Nathan, was there photographing the contestants. Professional grooming competitions like this take cat and dog grooming to new heights or lows depending upon your point of view. I can understand competitive dog grooming – just. However, I do …

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