Pet cats missing after homeless encampment bulldozed in San Jose, California

Clearing out the San Jose encampment

NEWS AND VIEWS – SAN JOSE, UNITED STATES: Nathan Winograd has told me about a news item which is concerning to animal advocates. The NBC video covers it nicely. And the video mentions the problem with disappearing cats. Nathan Winograd summarises it nicely too: The recent sweep of a homeless encampment in San Jose …

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Kiki – He found us and we took him in

By Maria This is the very first picture of Kiki relaxing on our deck. He’s around 6 months old, his paw was shaved in the emergency hospital. I found him a few days earlier in our front yard starving, sick and screaming for help. I was not sure I’d be able to keep him …

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Cat Rescue: The metaphor of a revolving door

Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, little Elizabeth tragically died as a result of her burns. So sad. Her death opened a door for Liza. Liza has had her share of abuse or neglect. She is the survivor of cat hoarding. The Elizabeth story lives on in Liza. Elizabeth would have gone to …

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In Times Of Austerity Why Are Cats First To Go?

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra Many families are being hit by austerity and are finding it hard to manage on the money they have coming in, but WHY are the cats in the family the first to lose their homes? Hardship is being endured by some people, mainly unemployed people, but here is the worst …

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Cat Management Laws of Tasmania

Tasmania has adopted a very honest approach to “cat shelters”. They call them “cat management facilities”. That does sound a bit dark and mysterious but it is a much better name because the word “shelter” is often wholly inappropriate as cats are often not sheltered at these places. Cat management facilities are part of …

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Pretty Cat Amongst Ugly Human Behavior

Marc found this webpage showing these pictures. I took a screenshot. It just tells a story about the ugliness of the human’s behavior set against the innocence of the cat. Quite a contrast. It does seem to sum up the contrast in the behavior of the ‘human animal’ versus the animal. A small vulnerable …

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