Comparing the amiability of indoor/outdoor cats and full-time indoor cats

Comparing the behaviour of indoor cats and indoor/outdoor cats

This is an interesting survey which compares the behaviour of indoor/outdoor cats with those who are kept indoors full-time and living with other cats. I think it’ll be useful to people considering adopting a cat and whether they should keep the cat indoors full-time or allow them outdoor access without supervision. Of course, there …

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Can coyotes climb trees to catch cats?

Leading coyote gets cat in tree

Coyotes kill an awful lot of domestic cats in the US each year but we don’t know how many. They are probably America’s greatest predator of family cats and a reason why many keep them inside permanently. I have seen instances of domestic cats escaping coyotes when they climb a tree and I have …

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Time to check our cats’ skin as climate change is blamed for growth in tick diseases

Tick on cat

This is an underreported but a serious matter which I think should concern cat owners. The problem is that the ectoparasite, the tick, carries zoonotic diseases which they transfer to cats and dogs when they feed on the host animal. And these are serious diseases. The best known is Lyme disease. About a dozen …

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Can an indoor cat get worms?

Parasitic worm

Yes, is the answer to the question. Please read on. This is a complete page. The question asks whether a full-time indoor cat can become infested with parasitic worms which are called endoparasites. And the answer must be that they can but the chances of them becoming infested must be significantly lower than if …

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12 facts on keeping an indoor cat happy

Classy cat window box

I have written on this topic many times before! Repetition comes to mind but each article is different as is this one. I am listing 12 facts in bullet fashion for ease of reading; speed reading which I think a lot of internet users employ these days. Web surfers flit from one site to …

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4 Australian cat owner attitudes to domestic cat containment or freedom to roam

A catio improves a cat's personality

My understanding of this study (see base of page) is that there are four reasons why Australian cat owners keep their cats inside their home. And there are five different ways of owning a cat in terms of containing them inside the home or allowing them outside. Australians have the highest domestic cat containment …

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Cat owners with negative feelings are more likely to report cat problems

Neurotic cat owners perceive their cat differently

Human character can be categorised in five ways which must overlap to varying extents. They are: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Neuroticism and Openness. I want to look at the penultimate character trait: neuroticism. It sounds very negative and critical but I think you’ll find that psychiatrists define neurotic people as those who have negative thoughts …

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Domestic cats and humans need to be active for their health

I'm exhausted from playing!

This is a short note about cat caregiving. I am concerned at the growing trend to keep domestic cats inside full-time. It is very good in one way: safety from physical injury, usually by motor vehicles but bad in another namely a lack of activity and boredom. Do these two cancel each other out? …

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