Kids and cats – house rules – infographic

Extraordinary photo of cat surrounded by children

A light reminder in an infographic that kids often like to have a kitten and when their wish is granted it is probably a good idea that there are house rules on living with the new family member. As I see it, the key is to ensure that the kids take responsibility for the cat’s welfare as this is a great learning experience. And it is good for their mental wellbeing. I think kids should learn about cat behaviour and their needs including dietary. It’s all good for the children including – the experts say – to help desensitize kids to allergens when they grow up.

RCN supports therapy animals in hospitals
RCN supports therapy animals in hospitals. Image: MikeB from picture in the public domain.

Computer games like Assassin’s Creed: Origins devalues cats as you can kill them brutally

Violence against a domestic cat in Assassin's Creed: Origins

There are some computer games in which the players have the opportunity to kill domestic cats. Is this sensible? Does it encourage the players to progress to killing real cats? Is there a connection between violence in computer games and violence in real life? It begs the question if violent films and television series …

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New Zealand’s junior school kids love to shoot cats for prize money

New Zealand kids shooting feral cats for prize money

NEWS AND COMMENT (Opinion): Will you be as disgusted as I am having read this article? I hope so as it is a failure in child care and inherently cruel. It is about asking kids to engage in potentially criminal activity. It is that bad. The North Canterbury Hunting Competition of New Zealand has …

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Kids’ exposure to cats reduces risk of allergies to egg, wheat, and soybean

Exposure to dogs or cats during fetal development or early infancy was estimated to reduce the incidence risk of food allergies until the age of 3 years

A child’s exposure to cats either during fetal development (before being born via their mother) or early infancy (0-1 year describes an infant) reduces the risk of an allergy to egg, wheat and soybean according to a Japanese study published on the Plos One website March 29, 2023 (link: Exposure to dogs in …

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Infographic on ideas about cat-to-kids introductions

5 ideas on cat-to-kids introductions

I think cat-to-kid introductions are important as when they go wrong it can lead, in the worst-case scenario, to cat relinquishment. To put it another way, parents can decide to give up the new family cat to a shelter or worse if they’re not committed to cat caregiving if and when their child is …

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Picture of boy holding rifle and dead ginger cat he shot

Boy holds dead cat in left hand and rifle in the right

2 NOTICES: WARNING AS THIS PICTURE IS NOT PLEASANT. Secondly, in some ways I am sorry to publish the picture. Yes, I am reluctant to do it. I have blurred the child’s face and the text on his shirt to anonymize him although Facebook has not. I know how people become sick of this …

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Cat Hits Back

Cat hits back

I like this video because the cat hits back. I love it when the cat hits back, which is extremely rare if the antagonist is a person. But I hate the video. It is horrible. So often the cat just becomes defensive and aggressive if he is constantly abused. This video show a kid …

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