Freya’s Cats

Freya's cats

Freya is part of Viking history and a Norse goddess of war, love and sex. She was one of the most beautiful women in the cosmos with her blue-eyes and blonde hair. She travelled in a chariot drawn through the heavens by a pair of magnificent cats. Why were cats pulling her chariot? These …

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10 debunked myths about domestic cats

Myths and facts regarding the cat

Introduction: I have specified “domestic cats” in the title for a reason. Domestic cats have different characters to their wildcat ancestors. Although there is an overlap and great similarities, with respect to the topics in this article there are differences which you can pick up in the 10-point list below. Domestic cats are solitary …

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What is the Cactus Cat?

Catus Cat

The Cactus Cat is not a domestic cat that likes to perch on top of one of those beautiful American cactuses that you see in the wilderness (and I have seen a cat doing that by the way) but a legendary cat created by the frontiersman of the American West in the 19th century …

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The Cat Myths of Mexico

by Giselle (Mexico) This is my beloved 8 year old cat, Mankey Mexico is a country with a lot of traditions and legends and some of them involve felids. We can find stories about jaguars and their majesty, in fact, among mexicas (an ancient civilization from the central zone of Mexico also known as …

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