American cities where you will find the most pet friendly apartments (2023)

Renters with pets are fine in Austin, Texas

NEWS AND COMMENT: As I understand it, it is expensive to purchase property in Austin, Texas because of the success of big businesses in that city followed by an influx of people and therefore greater demand for properties. So, the prices go up but the good news is that out of a hundred cities …

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Almost 80% of Singapore residents are barred from having a cat companion

The vast majority of Singaporeans live in public housing managed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). These are flats owned by the government and leased for 99 years. Wikipedia reports that 78.7% of resident Singaporeans live in HDB homes. Lawrence Wong, the Minister for National Development has declared that when balancing the rights …

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Apartment Complex Where Pets Are Compulsory (USA)

An apartment complex that turns the usual rules on their head: a place where cats and dogs are obligatory. You have got to care for a pet before your can rent. We’ve all read apartment horror stories where pet owners were faced the hard choice of finding a rental property that welcomes their animal …

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